Welcome To GameBreak!

Dear customer, 
Welcome to GameBreak!
It’s official, GameBreak is here and here to stay!
GameBreak is a vision started by two brothers from Sydney, Australia. That vision is to create a one-stop shop for all things collectable, vintage, unique and sports, sports, sports.
We have tried to create a unique space where customers can buy some cool unique items from trading cards, sneakers, memorabilia, grading services and much, much more. GameBreak also allows customers to take part in some fun card breaks where they have the chance to win some valuable prizes and to add to their collections.
However, one of the main ideas of the GameBreak vision is to create the premier website for Australians (and international customers) to sell their items to or with us with our consignment feature. GameBreak consignment gives customers an additional platform to sell their items with less charges compared to other selling platforms. So, go ahead and consign with GameBreak now and get more money in your pocket for selling your item.
From GameBreak to you, we welcome you to our website and thank you for taking the first step in finding that next great unique find.
Kind regards,

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