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Do you have an item you want sold? Are you having trouble selling your item? If you are, then GameBreak may be the solution for you!
 At GameBreak, we give customers the option to have their item/s auctioned off live during our break nights. Your item/s for auction will be advertised on our website, as well as social media platforms before the break night event takes place.
 Please complete the form below and we will reply to you via email as soon as possible.
 Why auction with us?
 GameBreak gives you a different platform to sell your item/s with a niche viewing base. We offer the cheapest selling rates on the market.
 What do we want to auction off?
 GameBreak wants to auction off any item/s that would be sold on the website. These include trading cards, sealed card boxes, unique vintage sports/pop art clothing, sneakers, memorabilia.
 NOTE: GameBreak only wants mid-high-end items for the auction events. If we decline your item, we will reply to you via email with the reasons why.
 How do the auctions work?
 Once you have submitted the auction form below and we have agreed to auction off your item, you will then ship the item/s to our P.O Box. Once your item is sold at auction and we receive the funds from the buyer, we will ship the item to the buyer and you will receive the sale funds minus the sales commission.
 How much does it cost to auction my item off?
 GameBreak charges 9% sales commission on all item/s sold at auction.
 For example: If the item you have sold at auction sells for $500, once the funds have been received from the buyer, we will then transfer you $455 (Sale price - sales commission).
 NOTE: The seller of the item/s being auctioned will need to pay for the shipping costs to GameBreak. Also, the buyer of the item/s at auction will need to pay for shipping costs as well (free shipping still applies on auction item/s bought over $100).
 What if my item/s doesn’t sell?
 In the case that your item/s do not sell at auction, we will give you the option to try and sell the item again at the next auction event, or you can take the item back if you want.
 NOTE: If the seller decides to take their item/s back after not selling at auction, they will need to pay for the shipping of the item back to the sender.






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