What is a Break? 

A break is an exciting way of collecting sports cards. A break is when a sealed pack/box is opened. A Group Break is when a number of people buy into the break (either team-based, or random team) to have a shot at the contents within the pack/box. Participants enter breaks in the hope that they win a 'hit'. 

GameBreak regularly runs Group Breaks, or offer breaks for people who want us to break their purchase live.

 What is a Hit?

A 'hit' is essentially every card within the card set that is not a base card. These could be autographs, memorabilia, short printed and numbered parallels and variants, case hits and more. 

 What do you break?

At GameBreak, we break a variety of sports and gaming cards like NBA, NFL, UFC, WWE, Pokémon etc. 

When do you break? 

 We currently hold a GameBreak night once a fortnight, with the details (date/time) of the break being emailed to each participant within the break. 

All breaks run by GameBreak are in Sydney AEST. 
What is a Pick Your Team Break vs a Random Team Break? 

Pick Your Team:

This form of break is when each team within the break is issued a buy price. The buy price for each team is determined by the likeliness of that team hitting a card of significant value. Team values are determined by the top value players, and the top rookies. Some examples of top players are LeBron James, Luka Doncic, Tom Brady, Trevor Lawrence. In this case, in the 2021-22 NFL season, the Jaguars will have a lot of the most valued cards due to the presence of Trevor Lawrence.

Once the break is published, each person will then be able to buy the team that they want within the break. 


The price for each team is set and people then buy into the break with their team being randomised before the break via a list randomiser.

 How do I buy a spot in a break? 

Spots in breaks are sold on the GameBreak website in the 'Breaks' tab on the main menu. 

 When are breaks listed?

 Breaks are listed at various times with the details of the break being listed on the break's page. Make sure you keep an eye out for upcoming breaks via the GameBreak website and social media platforms. 

How do I know what team I get in a Random Team Break?

 Before a 'Random Team' break is held, each participant is given a team via a list randomiser. All of this footage will be broadcasted live to participants before the break to ensure fair processes for all. 

What is the difference between a Case, Multi-Box and Single-Box Break?

Case Break - A sealed from manufacturer case of product. This is often highlighted by the chance to find a “1 per case” hit. 

Multi-Box Break - A set amount of boxes, often between 2 – 5. This gives a chance to have hits from across different products, and different seasons.

Single-Box Break - Usually a high-end product, with very few, but extremely collectable hits.

 How do I watch GameBreak breaks live?

GameBreak livestreams on YouTube with the details below:

(Youtube Page details)

If you happen to miss a live break, you will be able to access a recorded version of the break via our FaceBook page. 

 When will I receive my hits?

If within Australia, you should expect your items within 3-7 business days. Overseas postage will take longer and may affect how fast you receive your items. 

Note: these times may be affected by any COVID related restrictions/lockdowns that may occur.

GameBreak charges a standard postage fee of $9.50 for postage of items won within breaks. Postage fees to overseas participants will be charged a standard fee of $25. These charges are paid when the participant buys into the break. 


What happens in the situation of where there are two or more players on the same card? 

In terms of cards where there two or more players are located on a card, the card can either:

(a) Be randomised between all parties on the card e.g a card featuring a Bulls player and a Celtics player will be randomised between the two teams. A card featuring two Bulls and one Celtics will be randomised still, with the Bulls receiving two chances in the randomisation. The majority of multiplayer cards will have this rule applied.

(b) A mediation takes place between multiple parties for a chance to come to an agreement. This is exclusively reserved for high end cards like dual logomen and very high end autographs. 

In the event that an agreement cannot be made, then rule (a) will take place.

If a mediation is to take place, GameBreak will always assist to ensure fairness to all parties. 

 What happens to "error" cards?

Sometimes cards come out of a box with a factory error. Usually this is a simple miscut or an error in colour however sometimes cards come out with different players on the card/ 

Error cards will be given to the team who has highest claim on the card. e.g a card which has one player on the back and a different player on the front due to a printing error will go the Player on the front. Error cards will always go to the person who has the autograph on the front.

 How do prize draws work?

Certain breaks have bonus prizes in them! These can range from cards, to memorabilia, future break spots, store credit and more! 

During the team randomisation process that occurs before 'Random Team' breaks, another randomisation will occur to determine the winner of the bonus prize after teams are set. 

How will my 'hits' be protected?

GameBreak ensures that all valuable break 'hits' are instantly protected once revealed. GameBreak will sleeve each rookie card once revealed. For higher valued cards, we will sleeve it and then place it in a One-Touch. A One-Touch is a highly protective, magnetic resealable plastic case.

If you want to get your card placed in a One-Touch case, simply comment to us during the break and we will do that for you. 

 What is Grading?

A Graded card is one that has been sent to a reputable and known company for assessment of condition, usually returned with a rating out of 10, with 10 being the highest. 

GameBreak utilises Hybrid Grading Approach (HGA) for all card grading. HGA are a new player to the card grading market, but we believe that they're going to takeover the market with their unique approach that allows each grader the chance to get custom designs for their graded cards.

The assessment of each card is based on four categories; Surface, Edges, Corners and Centering. HGA uses state of the art computer grading systems to review cards for any imperfections. Getting a rating of 10 is extremely hard, with a pack fresh card considered on average to be an 8.5 – 9 given the amount of travel the item has likely done before even being opened. More information about Grading can be seen on the 'Grading' page on the main menu. 

 Why do people grade cards?

People get cards graded for numerous reasons. Generally, cards are graded to increase the value of the card. Card investors often get cards graded for higher profits. However, people sometimes just want their cards to be extra protected and grading allows this to occur. 

Can I get my break 'hit' graded?

At GameBreak, we give each break participant the option to grade their 'hits' straight after a break has occurred. This allows less chance for the card/s to get damaged within the postage process. GameBreak uses Hybrid Grading Approach (HGA) for all of our grading. All grading information/prices can be found on the 'Grading' page on the main menu. 

If you want us to hold your card after a break for grading, simply contact us via phone or email within 24 hours after the break has occurred. Once we have replied, simply complete the Grading Form found on the 'Grading' page. 

Can I get a refund on my break which hasn't happened yet?

If for any reason you do not want to take place in a break that hasn't occurred yet, we are able to refund you. In this case, you will need to notify us 24 hours before the break is scheduled to occur.

If you are wanting to refund any bought item/s (including spots in Breaks), please fill out the form on the 'Contact Us' page under the 'About Us' tab on the main menu. Alternatively, you can contact us via text or email.