Grading Packaging Tips


Before sending your cards to GameBreak for grading, follow the steps below to ensure your cards are safely packaged for transit and have the best chance of getting a good grade:


  1. Ensure your card is clean and free of any scuff marks etc. If there are any marks that can be taken off, simply wipe the card gently with a wipe. (Clearwipes are really good for this).

  2. Ensure your card is sleeved and placed in a top-loader. For thicker cards like Jersey or Patch cards, ensure your top loader is the right thickness for your card.

If we receive a card for grading without a sleeve and top-loader, we will return the card to the sender.

  1. Place some tape around the top opening of the top-loader to ensure that the card does not come out.

  2. Wrap 2x pieces of thick cardboard (Box consistency) around the front and back of the top-loader (with the card inside) and tape the sides of the cardboard so that the card is firmly placed between the two pieces of cardboard.

  3. Then wrap a rubber band around the two pieces of cardboard.

  4. For multiple card submissions, ensure your cards are in the same order as you put in the submission form.

  5. For less chance of damage during the transit period, send your wrapped card in a padded envelope.


Print the following submission form, fill it out and post with your cards to PO Box 729 Rose Bay, NSW 2029.