GameBreak is always looking for cards, streetwear, sneakers & misc/collectables items!!


If you don't want the fees of selling your items elsewhere, then GameBreak might be the place for you. We will always give what we believe to be fair offers in return for items. We also offer consignment of your item/s where we sell the item/s on our website for an agreed price with you not needing to worry about the stresses that comes with selling item/s.

Simply complete the form down below, or alternatively you can contact us via text or email. 

Please note - GameBreak does not buy all items offered to us. If we decline your item/s, we will notify you with the reasons why, or alternatively, we can discuss some consignment options for your item/s.

Why Sell to GameBreak?

  1. Market comparable prices!
  2. Only dealing with one vendor!
  3. You will get paid fast!
  4. No auction fees or squabbling over postage!
  5. Deals for Bulk Rates, and/or Individual Item Prices!

What does GameBreak want?

Mid-high end items, unless in a bulk lot;

Un-damaged items, unless the damage is minimal and explained in the information about the items;

High-Res images of the items for sale in an email or via txt;

As much information about the items as possible so we can reply with our offer. 

What is GameBreak's buy list?

We are interested in any items from gaming/sports cards, unique streetwear, sneakers, and misc/collectable items. 

How Much Does GameBreak Pay for Individual/Bulk Rates?

If the items that you want to sell is damaged in any way, we still may interested. In this case, please ensure that you detail as much of the damages to the item as possible. 

If selling an individual and/or bulk items, you will receive a reply from GameBreak regarding if we want the items, as well as our offer. 

What is consignment?

Consignment is when you allow a store who specialises in your item for sale the chance to sell your item in their store. When the item sells, the store takes a percentage of the sale price for selling the item and you keep the rest of the sale funds.

How long does GameBreak keep the item/s for?

GameBreak keeps your item/s for a maximum time of 3 months from the date that GameBreak receives the item/s.

What if my consignment item/s don’t sell?

If your consignment item/s don’t sell after 2 months, GameBreak will contact you again via email to discuss some alternative options around the selling of your item/s. This might include discussing the price you want for your item/s, or alternative methods of selling your item/s.

If your item/s don’t sell after the 3-month period, we can discuss either extending your consignment period, or returning the item/s to you if you wish.

NOTE: If you wish for your item/s to be returned after the 3-month period, GameBreak will pay for the return shipping costs to the seller. However, if you decide that you want your item/s returned before the 3-month period, the seller will need to pay for the return shipping costs.

How much does it cost me to consign my item/s with GameBreak?

The beauty about consigning with GameBreak is that you do not need to worry about high costs of shipping and the time spent selling the item/s individually, because we will do all of that for you.

Once the consignment of an item with GameBreak is agreed upon, the seller of the item/s will need to pay for the initial shipping to GameBreak. Please send item/s to P.O. Box 729 Rose Bay, NSW 2029.

After your item/s have sold and the sale funds are received from the buyer, GameBreak will send the sale funds of the item/s to the seller minus the agreed commission percentage.

For example, if your consignment item sells for a price of $450, we will take $58.50 for the commission fee, and you will receive $391.50 for the sale of your item. 

What are the commission percentages?

The GameBreak commission percentages for consignment item/s are detailed in the table below:

Item/s Value

Commission Percentage















*NOTE: GameBreak does not accept any item/s under the agreed value of $30.